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Work From Home in Course Hero

Course Hero 4th Floor, BDO Equitable Tower Makati City makati city

Experience: Fresher May Apply Skills: Online Text-Based Tutoring Monthly Salary Offer: Upto 70K Job Type Part Time

No boss. No heavy PC requirements. Work anytime, anywhere, and earn in DOLLARS! Our most active Tutors earn $1500 per month!

Course Hero is currently hiring online text-based tutors. Be part of our Q&A team. Join our Tutor Community and earn as you ******;The minimum educational attainment for you to apply as a tutor in Course Hero is at least currently a college ******;MUST BE AT LEAST a college student. Plus approval points if you’re Professors, Post-graduate and Graduate Degree Holders, Licensed Professionals, and Honor Students (Cum Laude, Magna, etc.). The beauty of tutoring on Course Hero is that you can tutor as much as you want, therefore earning as much as your schedule allows.

To proceed with your application, please follow these steps:

1. Read our tutor application kit: ******

2. Prepare the following and take a clear picture/screenshot. Convert to PDF file If more than 1 page. The document must exemplify your subject matter expertise in the subject(s) you will ******;

· 1 copy of your education/teaching background (****** diploma/transcript of records/online copy of grades) 

· 1 government-issued ID or School ID 

· 1 selfie of yourself holding the same ID next to your face  

3. CLICK! ******

Click apply now and create your Course Hero account using your email address, username, password. Do not click auto-sign up with Facebook or Google. Don’t exit and complete the whole session before the 10-minute expiration runs ******;

4. FILL IN! 

Fill in your personal details and submit the requirements. Do not forget to put the referral code NOC (to prioritize your application and more chances of getting approved). It often takes 5-7 days to process your application, sometimes sooner.


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